GTA3 Plus

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Stat Codes:

(M) Must Be On 

100% Complete
4CD8F19C 1456E50C 

73 Mission Attempts 
3CD8F1E4 1456E75E 

All 73 Missions Passed 
3CD8F1E8 1456E75E 

All Rampages Passed 
3CD8F028 1456E7B1 

All Packages 
3CC88758 1456E781 

20 Unique Jumps 
3CD8F1DC 1456E7B1 

1 Day Passed 
3CD8F1C0 1456E7A6 

Tons of People You've Wasted 
1CD8F188 183732DE 

Tons of People Wasted By Others
1CD8F18C 183732DE 

Tons of Cars Exploded 
1CD8F190 183732DE 

0 Visits To Hospital 
3CD8F1BC 1456E7A5

Low Total Turismo Time 
4CD8F1F4 1456E7A6