GTA3 Master Zone III
Off_Road Missions


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                  Off_Road Missions



Vehicle: Patriot

Found: The Patriot for PATRIOT PLAYGROUND is parked in front of the Supa Save in Trenton.

REWARD: $20,000

The vehicle for this mission is a Patriot parked out front of Supa Save in Trenton. You have to collect 15 checkpoints in 5 minutes in any order. Each checkpoint will net you 20 seconds to get to the next one.

To begin, grab checkpoint 1 on the beach near the docks. Drive backwards into it to give yourself a head start when the timer begins. Drive forward and grab checkpoint 2 on the ledge a little to the right. Snag checkpoint 3 from underneath the subway platform further up the hill. Be careful, it's easy to slip and fall.

Go back to the cliff at the beach. Go up atop the cliff, then grab checkpoint 4 from the edge of the cliff. Checkpoint 5 is a bit difficult to see because it's below the ledge. You can't see it until its too late to turn back. Adjust the camera to top_down view so you'll know where to go down. On the beach, take checkpoint 6 from near the water. Don't fall in or you'll die. Go under the large stone arch and take checkpoint 7 from here. Next, grab checkpoint 8 from under the high cliff here. Go across the beach to find checkpoint 9. Again be careful not to slip into the water.

Turn around and climb over the small ledge on the far right of the hill to get checkpoint 10. Climb up over the very top of the hill where Salvatore's mansion is to find checkpoints 11 and 12. Turn around and go back up to where the mansion is. Drive past the mansion onto the top of the stone arch to get checkpoint 13 at the very tip of it. Be careful backing up to get out of here. Go back to the front of the mansion, then go down the cliff at the place where it curves inward. Checkpoint number 14 is there. Go back up to the mansion again, and go to the edge of the cliff down to a ledge where Checkpoint 15 is.




Vehicle: Landstalker

Found: The Landmaster for A RIDE IN THE PARK is parked next to the cabin in the park in Bellevile Park

REWARD: $30,000

The vehicle you need for this mission is a Landstalker parked in front of the cabin in the park at Belleville Park. You've got 2 minutes to collect 12 checkpoints in any order. You'll get 10 seconds for each checkpoint.

Be careful, the Landstalker is not as great at climbing hills as the Patriot. To start off, line yourself up with the dock so you can drive straight through, hit the checkpoint, and land in the water without getting hung up on a pole. Ford the pond and get checkpoint 2 from the island in

the middle of the pond.

Jump off the island and head for the fence that you should be facing right now. Drive right next to the fence to get checkpoints 3 and 4. Back up a little to nab checkpoint 5. After you do that, drive through the toilet block where Ray gives out his missions to get checkpoint 6. Go up the

stairs leading to the statue to collect checkpoint 7. Back up, and collect checkpoint 8 that's next to the railing. Checkpoints 9, 10, and 11 are around the small park bridge.

When you get all of them at the bridge, drive to the end of the park where final checkpoint 12 is sitting all by its lonesome self.




Vehicle: Stallion

Found: A Stallion for MULTI_STORY MAYHEM stop in front of the gate on the left side of the parking garage then get out of the car and get back in.

REWARD: $30,000

This one is quite different from all the other off-road missions. To start this one, you must steal a Stallion that is OUTSIDE the garage, NOT one that's inside. To use one that's inside, bring it outside, then get out, and get back in. Make sure your car is pointed at the door.

(NOTE: You cannot use a Diablo Stallion for this mission)

You have to collect 20 checkpoints in any order in two minutes. Each one adds 5 seconds, to the timer that starts IMMEDIATELY after the mission begins. There are four checkpoints on each floor of the garage. You can basically pick them up in any order as long as you clear out each floor while going up. The last checkpoint is hovering in midair next to the garage. You have to use the ramp to get it.




Vehicle: Patriot

Found: The Patriot for GRIPPED! is parked in the park near Wichita Gardens.

REWARD: $40,000

To begin this mission, take the Patriot in the park near Whichita Gardens. You have 5 minutes to collect 20 checkpoints in any order. For every passed checkpoint, you'll get 15 seconds.

To begin, take checkpoint 1 from the hill on the left side of the dirt road. Next, grab checkpoint 2 on the hill on the other side. Don't drive directly to it, go around the steep ledge on the left.

Now, you have to grab the ones on the mountainside. A suitable spot to begin climbing is right behind checkpoint 2 that you grabbed. Grab checkpoint 3 to the left, then climb up to the set of checkpoints 4 and 5 to gain extra time. When you get those, climb over the top of the cliff, then

drive carefully left to checkpoint 6. Now, carefully drive along the top of the cliff to checkpoint 7 on the far right side. You have now gathered up all the checkpoints on the cliff face here.

Now, drive onto the street here in Cedar Grove; you should be near a spot where there's no railing. Go up the street a little, and take checkpoint 8 precariously positioned next to the edge of the cliff.

Continue up the hill, and when you get near the uncompleted tunnel, go off-road on the right. You should be able to easily reach checkpoint 9 in this area. Go up a long ways and checkpoint 10 will also be easily reached. Youre halfway there. Go left to get easy, easy checkpoint 11.

Now, go left and drive along the cliff behind the mansions in Cedar Grove. Get checkpoint 12, then go down towards the city to get checkpoint 13. Don't let the view distract you, or you'll fall off. Stay near the edge to find checkpoint 14. Checkpoint 15 is thankfully further away from the

cliff, but its a bit slow_going to get up to it.

Carefully move down the mountain, and don't go too fast or you'll lose control. Snag checkpoint 16, again near the deadly edge of the cliff. Checkpoint 17 is WAY up, but your Patriot it capable of making it. After you do that, carefully go down again. Checkpoint 18 is positioned near the cliff again, but this time be careful because its on a downhill slope.

The last two checkpoints are cinches. Drive back away from the cliff. You should be able to reach checkpoint 19 easily, as its in a relatively smooth area, well, compared to what we've been through! Lastly, grab checkpoint 20 over the tunnel entrance here to finish the level.

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