GTA3 Master Zone III
Import Export Garages & EV Cran


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                    Import Export Garages & EV Cran

 Emergency Vehicle Crane Mission


  • Found: Can be found at all hospitals. Also by killing a lot of pedestrians, an ambulance will be called to the scene. When it arrives, jack it.


  • Found: Start a fire on a car on a person to make the Firetruck come. Can also be found at all the fire stations.


  • Found: Get a wanted level to get cop cars after you, or just take one from some police station.


  • Found: Get a wanted level of four to make it come after you. Also, look behind the Staunton Island police station for one.

FBI Car 

  • Found: Get a wanted level of five and wait for it to go after you.

Barracks OL

  • Found: Get a wanted level of six and wait for it, or go to Phil's Army Surplus and jack the one there.


  • Found: Get a wanted level of six, or use the cheat_code.


  • Take the vehicles to the Crane at the Portland docks and you will get $1,400 per car. After delivering all the listed vehicles, you will get $120,000 and you can get the cars delivered at any time, by going back. Park the cars right under the crane arm to get them delivered.


Portland Import/Export Garage

Vehicles Needed:

  1. Securicar
  2. Moonbeam
  3. Coach
  4. Flatbed
  5. Linerunner
  6. Trashmaster
  7. Patriot
  8. Mr.Whoopee
  9. Blista
  10. Mule
  11. Yankee
  12. Bobcat
  13. Dodo
  14. Bus
  15. Rumpo
  16. Pony


  • To get to the garage, enter the harbor from the road and proceed left through the parking lot with a few cars. You'll reach a narrow alley that branches immediately to the left, so cut left. Proceed through the alley and then take a right when you exit and you'll see a two toned blue garage door with a list posted to the left of it _ this is where you park your cars! Deliver all of the listed cars and you get $200,000 and the ability to go back and use any car, anytime!


Shoreside Import/Export Garage (Need several cars)

Vehicles Needed:

  1. Sentinal
  2. Cheetah
  3. Banshee
  4. Stinger
  5. Infernus
  6. Esperanto
  7. Kuruma
  8. Stretch Limo
  9. Perennial
  10. Landstalker
  11. Manana
  12. Idaho
  13. Stallion
  14. Taxi
  15. Cabbie
  16. BF Injection


  • This Garage is red colored and located near the Shoreside Vale Dam. Deliever the cars to get the ability to get any of these cars at any time by returning to the garage once you have delivered them all, and a huge amount of cash.

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