GTA3 Master Zone III
Sub Missions


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Sub Missions


Taxi Driver

Vehicle(s): Taxi or Cabbie

Description: Drive 100 people to their destinations and you unlock the Borgnnie Taxi, which appears in the Harwood area of Portland Borgnine.

Reward: Taxi Cab in Harwood



Vehicle(s): Police, Enforcer, FBI Car, or Rhino(Tank)

Description: For every ten kills in each city, you get 1 police bribe at the corresponding hideout, up to a max of 2 bribes per city.

Reward: Police Bribes at your hideout



Vehicle(s): Ambulance

Description: If you complete and get to Level 12, you can run forever If you save 70 lives, you get Adrenaline Pills at all hideouts If you save 35 people, you get health at all your hideouts.

Reward: Adrenaline Pills and health at hideout



Vehicle(s): Firetruck

Description: If you manage to put out 20 fires in each city, then the flamethrower will appear at any of your 3 hideouts.

Reward: Flamethrower at the hideout

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